Edinburgh, man

It’s real. It’s happening. It’s in my hands. The Edinburgh Fringe brochure has arrived. And it has not one but two shows with my name on. Until it’s in your hands and all that admin has solidified into some words on a glossy page, it’s hard to believe that you’ll be standing on a stage trying to entertain people in a Scottish city at an international arts festival.

I am naturally excited to be doing ten Collings & Herrin podcast shows this year, August 11-15, 18-22, at the GRV (where we saw Michael Legge and Johnny Candon last year; a really nice, tiered venue). We are part of the Five Pound Fringe, which means it costs five pounds to get in. You can buy tickets here. But I am more excited, and more frightened, about doing my first ever solo show, at Bannermans, August 7-21. This is part of the Free Fringe, which means it is free to get in. You can read about it but not buy tickets as there are no tickets here.

The Edinburgh brochure comes at a vital time. It reminds me of all the good that has come from my partnership with Richard Herring, without whom I would never have dared to venture out solo. I am having many new experiences because of this partnership. Unfortunately, I am also currently having a couple of bad new experiences, but the less said about those in a public forum the better.

There are many amazing things to see and do at the Fringe. I can’t think of a better way of saving money in a recession than to not fly abroad and instead go on holiday to Scotland and invest money in the thriving live entertainment sector on your own doorstep. Go here for all your information and ticketing needs. Initiatives like the Free Fringe and the Five Pound Fringe are what it’s all about. I am pleased to be a small part of it, once again, sandwiched between Andrew Bird and Andrew Clover in a brochure. Wish me luck.


14 thoughts on “Edinburgh, man

  1. Ooooooh pretty! Didn’t realise they were putting the pics in the actual brochure as well. This year is also my first time performing at Edinburgh as well (I’ve teched and directed before), it’s all quite exciting innit 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for the Fringe, it’s so much fun!

    And ignore the morons, Andrew. They are vastly outnumbered by people who think you are ace.

  3. Hi Andrew, not sure what’s going on on twitter but you have more supporters than detractors – rise above the idiots.

  4. Yours was the first show I circled when I got my programme.
    Look, you’ve even made it through to the prestigious ‘asterisked’ round, aka Boot Camp: http://twitpic.com/1w46d4
    It’s depressing how little money and time I have to see everything on there, good on you for taking part in the Free Fringe. Bannerman’s is a nice little place too.
    Good luck!

  5. As above, plus while nervousness is natural, you have all the elements of a very entertaining show, and in Secret Dancing, something of a killer routine, already perfectly honed. Enjoy it.

  6. Good luck with the solo show! It’s great that you have someone like Richard to bounce ideas off and to encourage and support you to try new things. I’ve just finished his book and (despite some of the dodgier parts) he seems quite sweet.

    I’ll be experiencing the Fringe again through the medium of podcasting — I so wanted to go this year (as this is my last summer living in Europe before moving back down under, conveniently in the middle of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival) but couldn’t convince husband to go to Scotland, even in summer. So I’ll be listening out for the podcasts.

    PS. Husband and I will be in London the first week of August, which I suspect will be devoid of comedy. If anyone can recommend something (as it’s my birthday that week and I was looking forward to seeing some standup as a present), I’d be very grateful — Andrew, surely not all your comedian friends will go up north?

  7. Good luck with the solo show (you will be fine!!!). Think I have done a slightly mad thing and booked a whole day of Collings and Herrin!! You at lunchtime, the podcast in the afternoon and Herring at night! Not sure my husband knows what he has let himself in for, especially as he doesn’t listen to the podcasts!!!

    Really looking forward to it. See you in August! xxx

  8. Good luck – and don’t be nervous, you’ll be fab! It amazes me that anyone can chat on the radio for two or three hours at a time, or string coherent sentences together in front of a TV camera – you have, at the very least, the gift of the gab – comedy’s not so different!

    Bannerman’s was one of our favourite places for a hungover Sunday breakfast when we were at art school in the very late 80s (in those days a veggie breakfast came with veggie haggis – what a treat!!!) I wonder if that’s still the case? All being well, a combo of our first wedding anniversary (me and my lovely husband obviously, not you!), a laid back Sunday breakfast in my home city and then entertainment from your good self will be incredibly hard to beat!

    Oh, and what Joanne et al said too. Have some virtual chocolate on us, Harry Potter stylee…

  9. Can’t wait for the festival this year. We’ll be coming up as always. In my hit list this year are, your one man show, the podcast with Richard and we’re also going to see Mark Watson. We’ll see Richard’s show when he does his tour next year. BTW you can buy tickets for the podcast via the web sire. You have to phone the venue. I’ll do that later. xxx

  10. Oh!!!! It’s lunchtime!!! I may have to be terribly
    grown up/sad and come and see you on my own as other people will selfishly be at WORK. The cads.

    But I shall skip with joy anyway. Free? You? Here? Fandabbydozy.

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