I have created this page so that I can point people at it who wish to use a picture of me with something. It seems wise to gather my recent pics up in one place.

This is the Secret Dancing image by Steve Brown. It is free to use in promotion of me and my show, but you must credit Steve Brown.

This is another promotional shot by Steve Brown.

And this is my old 6 Music publicity pic, which is now nine years old!

And this was the publicity pic for now-defunct Radio 4 panel game All The Way From Memphis. A bit old, too.

This one’s from 2006, taken to advertise the penultimate series of The Day The Music Died on Radio 2.


2 thoughts on “Pics

  1. Just finished your 1st book “growing up normal in the 70’s” Brilliant! Laugh a min!! Now can’t wait to read the sequel about your years as an art student!..You sound soooooo much like me! Great memories you reminded me of in your book, toys, fashion, punk, etc etc…FANTASTIC!

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