This page is pretty much retired. I decided to make a separate page for gigs in 2010, as I suddenly seemed to have gigs. Since my first one-man show Secret Dancing at the Edinburgh Fringe that year – or at least since that show’s farewell gig at Cardiff’s Masonic Hall – I have retired from stand-up comedy. And since Richard Herring and I stopped podcasting in November 2011, that avenue of live performance has also come to an end.

I’ll leave details of my final shows up here, in red, just for posterity.

Press release: In 2010, Andrew Collins goes solo at PBH’s Free Fringe, part of the Edinburgh Fringe. His show, Secret Dancing… And Other Urban Survival Techniques has been developed over the last two years while gigging with Richard Herring – including a sell-out Live Podcast show at London’s Leicester Square Theatre in February – and playing on various bills curated by Robin Ince, including the Camden Fringe and Nine Lessons & Carols For Godless People at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Secret Dancing itself, a technique Andrew has been honing while travelling on public transport in London, forms the centrepiece of a genial ramble from A to B, including his three birding ambitions, decoding Masterchef, living in Surrey for three years and not apologising, the glory of advertising hyperbole, and spoilers outside churches.

Photo: Steve Brown; Typography: James Atkins of Northampton



  • Saturday 7 August to Saturday 21 August: Bannermans (Venue 357) 212 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1NQ, 12.30-13.30 daily – proudly part of PBH’s Free Fringe: free entry, non-ticketed, just turn up!


  • Collings & Herring Podcast Live (part of the Five Pound Fringe), Wednesday August 11 to Sunday August 15, and Wednesday August 18 to Sunday August 22, The GRV (Venue 274), 37 Guthrie St, Edinburgh EH1 1JG; 15.00-16.00; tickets cost £5, available from the Ed Fringe box office [please be patient – NOT SOLD OUT YET]
  • Monday, September 27, Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH; tickets £15 (this is a full show, with solo stand-up plus podcast, which will be available to download the next morning, and exclusive Q&A if you behave), tickets available here
  • Wednesday, October 27, Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED; tickets £12/£8 conc (as far as we know this is a full show with solo stand-up, and that means Secret Dancing, I should imagine – it’s all part of Bristol Jam), tickets available here
  • Wednesday, November 3, Cardiff Masonic Hall, Guildford St, Cardiff CF10 2HL; tickets £12.50 (another full night, booked in as we will be recording another exclusive C&H podcast CD, War & Peace, Crime & Punishment, for release before Christmas, hopefully), tickets are only available from Go Faster Stripe, here


  • Wednesday, November 3, last ever performance of Secret Dancing at Cardiff Masonic Hall [see: above]. We’re filming it for a future DVD release on Go Faster Stripe.

10 thoughts on “Gigs

    • The possibilities after Edinburgh are endless. Both solo, and with Richard, I’m sure we’ll be doing some dates further afield than London, the south coast and Northampton. We’re building a head of steam here.

      Andy, I agree, the pic is excellent. Steve Brown – who also did the first Collings & Herrin shot, and Hitler Moustache, and the new Christ On A Bike – is a genius. He’s already done the cover shot for the next C&H podcast CD!

  1. I’m hoping to get down to Edinburgh(auld reekie) during the fringe. It’ll be nice to see you going solo. I like the poster too.

  2. I nearly got excited then when I saw there were more preview dates, but not even a committed fan like myself can make it to Brighton or Northampton on a school night.

    I love the poster too. Sweeeet!

  3. Andrew, have you and or Richard firmed up on any plans post Edinburgh? Please keep us updated as I cant make it and am hoping against hope you will have something going on in early September. Live podcast from Cheddar?

  4. I’m an Edinburgh man myself and one of the few residents who prefers staying and watching all the excellent comedians (and Michelle Legge) to charging them a fortune to rent my tiny wee flat.

    Incidentally, to make up for the lost income (which most Edinbuggerers use to buy all the ridiculously expensive curtains they need on account of the stupidly high ceilings and freezing winters) I amuse myself by sending tourists to Craigmillar if they ask me where the castle is.

    Do not go to Craigmillar if you are directed there, it is a trick and you will probably be eaten by zombies. Or something.

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