Anything to add to this plug for the Collins/Legge double-header? Only to point you at the place where you can book tickets: April 18, April 19 and May 31. I shall be doing Secret Dancing and trying out the words and jokes I am currently working up around it. And I need volunteers. Michael Legge will be a professional comedian. We’d love to see you.


11 thoughts on “Pluuuuuuuuug

  1. Andrew,

    I love your broadcast work: Its excellent, well produced, well though through and you are always well prepared, and knowledgeable.
    And I like your writing in the Radio Times and elsewhere: its well written, thoughtful, and well produced.

    But – no one can be a master of all trades, and while its laudable that you’re trying to get on, and do some more comedy – I think £7 is pushing it.

    You know professional stand ups try out material for £3 in Piccadilly circus. Personally I’d drop the price a fair bit.

    You might well be a professional stand up at some point, but you aren’t at the moment, and you need to put together a fair price.

  2. Then you must vote with your feet, Mike. I understand. But it’s two of us, and one is a professional comedian. Hey, why am I defending it? My Edinburgh show is free, for two weeks every day! That’s a realistic price.

  3. Have double-checked Hen & Chickens website and £6.50-£8 is the going rate for solo shows there. So you may find it too steep, Mike, but it’s not us trying to fleece anybody! (If nobody comes, we lose money, so the risk is ours.)

  4. Given that you’ve asked me to respond: I guess my point was – this didn’t seem like a full show, only a preview. £7 may be the going rate but that’s only for full shows.

    Lenny Henry I know charges around £20 for a full show, but he lives locally to me and when he is doing a preview of work in progress he charges only £5, a fraction of the full show cost.

    I’m probably being pedantic though – I wish you the best of luck with it, and I hope it goes well. It’s cool you’re branching out from just doing comedy with Richard Herring.

    Best wishes,


  5. If I was as rich as Lenny Henry, I’d do previews for free. I’m not. But I am doing a two-week run at Edinburgh for free. Literally, for free, at the Free Fringe, which is free. So my conscience is clear. But I’m grateful you responded, Mike, so thanks for doing that.

    So, then, who’s coming to the Hen & Chickens? Michael and I would love to see you there. And be prepared to dance. No, really.

  6. We’re doing it at the Hen & Chickens because they were the only ones who asked us. They also set the price. If we get any money at all it will be a pittance. Surely £7 is worth it to watch us two die on our arses?

  7. I just saw Richard Herring weeping and carrying a ragged life-sized dummy of you along Shepher’s Bush High St.

    Why have you forsaken him?

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