Shirt hits the fans


Thanks to Steve Brown and Steve Newman, the men who created our iTunes ident (Steve Brown takes the photos, Steve Newman does the designs), we are now able to offer a whole stupid range of Collings & Herrin t-shirts, via this fantastic site MySoti, who basically print them to order using DTG – Direct To Garment – printing, so no overheads, and no warehouses full of unsold t-shirts with NYUM NYUM NYUM on them. Other slogans include ANDREW COLLINGS IS A FUCKING IDIOT, RICHARD HERRING IS A FUCKING IDIOT, ASK ME ABOUT THE MITFORD SISTERS, MAH FAVOURITE T-SHIRT and I’M SECRET DANCING RIGHT NOW, but keep refreshing the special “shopfront” page for collingsherrin designs. I think Richard and I stand to make pence from this venture, but since it’s no-risk, what the hell?


Personally, I wouldn’t be seen dead in a t-shirt with either my face or Richard Herring’s face on it, but if you are mentally ill, knock yourself out.

27 thoughts on “Shirt hits the fans

  1. This is possibly the best point-of-sale line I've EVER seen!"Personally, I wouldn't be seen dead in a t-shirt with either my face or Richard Herring's face on it, but if you are mentally ill, knock yourself out."Utterly genius. Can I get that on a t-shirt?

  2. Andrew, you seem to resemble a kind of dystopian Robbie Williams on the Collings shirt.I'm half tempted with the Nyum Nyum ones but the thought of having to explain the meaning to friends and family kind of makes the decision for me.

  3. You may be correct, Chris, and yet, the NYUM NYUM NYUM one is actually obscene and will go unreported to m'learned friends. So who is the real hypocrite? (Don't you remember the 90s? All the indie t-shirts had FUCK and FUCKING on them. I recall fondly the Ned's Atomic Dustbin classic, which just said FUCKING FUCK.)

  4. I don't mean to be rude, because I bloody love the podcast. But it would seem like a very odd thing to wear, a c&h t shirt. Mind you I don't wear anything with words on it. That's my one law of style.

  5. My mate had a great one that said "FUCK YOUR GOD"..I still think of it fondly.Actually I saw a pair of denim Slipknot shorts in HMV only yesterday that said fucking something or other written on them …If it's good enough for that corporate behemoth its good enough for you two monkeys.

  6. I'm completely tempted by the Nyum Nyum one, it's the little splatter on the side that completes it. I can explain it's meaning to my fiancée along with why we're £16 short of her dream wedding! She'll totally think it's worth it!

  7. Ahh, '90s t-shirts. That NAD one is wonderful. I had a friend who always threatened to make one that stated simply "I LOVE THE POPE", without the more traditional "the pope smokes dope" follow-through, and busk it round Camden. Never happened, unfortunately. I wonder how one would react if you saw a t-shirt with your face on, just wandering down the street, and you weren't (with no offence meant here at all, Andrew) within the normal stratus of people wot would have their mugs on shirts, so as to speak? Like, really bloody famous people? It must be a bit of a headfrick.

  8. Even Bryan Adams, that paragon of saintlyhood, had "If the neighbours don't like it (front) they can fuck right off (back)" t-shirts at one point.Surely you should be paying us to advertise…

  9. I had a Manics shirt that said, on the backprint and only half-remembered:'I am idiot slut whore stud cunt cock 20th Century piece of motherfucking shit'Mum and Dad were so proud.

  10. The F word..Takes me back to shocking my parents horrendously in 1977 or 8 when as a homage to Stiff Records I arrived home wearing 'If it ain't Stiff it ain't worth a Fuck' T. o did they laugh..not. I would have been a rebelious 17 or 18.I think the MAH T is a cracker btw.Steve M

  11. mr collins. are u ok? i have ordered my nyum nyum nyum t, but i also like to read ur blog. please post( not in the richard herrin post box-bumming refrence kind of way)something.x

  12. I had a 'Fuck Art Let's Dance' one from a Madness gig back in the late 80s. Never had the courage to wear it out of the house (my Mum would have killed me). Oh, how middle class…Now, you could always wear one of these beauties – simple and to the point:CLICK HEREPete

  13. As you may or may not have spotted by clicking on the link, I have personally asked the ANDREW COLLINGS IS A FUCKING IDIOT design to be discontinued, as I felt rather uncomfortable with it as the days passed. Mind you, I can't really believe that anybody has actually ordered one. It's not the idea that I am a fucking idiot that bothers me, but the idea of my name the word "fucking" on the same shirt, when it's official merchandise. Richard, naturally, thinks I am a fucking idiot for doing this, but respects my idiocy.

  14. Ha ha!You really are a fucking idiot Andrew..oh no!..this means my post will be deleted.I was about to order 500 and give them to my extended friends and family.n.b. For legal reasons my lawyers have asked me to clarify that Andrew Collins is not a fucking idiot but is of above average intelligence.

  15. I worked out the rather strange t-shirt sizing then discovered there is not one big enough for me!!!LOL though Frankie Boyle said I was big enough to intimidate him…..

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