Hellooo-ooo, Bloomsbury!

This is the terrifying if grandly appointed prospect that faces us if jaded, blasé, London-based fans of the podcast don’t hurry up and buy a ticket for Collings & Herrin Live at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London’s Bloomsbury, situated near where Ricky Gervais used to live.

It’s such a nice space – I’ve played it many times under the militant-atheist wing of Robin Ince, and also as a support act, with Stuart Maconie and David Quantick, for Lloyd Cole (true!), while Richard and his Oxbridge chums have performed As It Occurs To Me there, along with countless other spots – but it is even nicer if it’s full of merry people. A couple of hundred have already booked, but the more the merrier.

So, it’s all happening a week today, and these are the details, one last time:

  • Monday, September 27, Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH; tickets £15 – to reiterate: this is a full show, with solo stand-up from both of us, plus the extended podcast itself, which will be available to download the next morning as if that’s any kind of consolation prize, and we expect an exclusive, non-broadcast Q&A if you behave yourselves – tickets available here
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