In with the new


New Year. Clean Slate. Breath of fresh air. New shirt (thanks). The first Telly Addict of 2014 celebrates … the old. ITV’s revival of Birds Of A Feather after a 15 year gap; the 13th series of Celebrity Big Brothel on Channel 5; the 17th series of Silent Witness on BBC1 (and the tenth for longest-serving principal Emilia Fox); the second series of “Spanish Downton” Gran Hotel on Sky Arts 1; and the third series of Sherlock on BBC1. Something new next week, maybe?

That shirt …



The Fall

Yes, this week’s Telly Addict returns indulgently to the subject of Sherlock on BBC1, specifically its brain-teasing ending (don’t worry, you’ll get no theories from me, just supplementary praise and at least one clip of Molly), plus Stargazing Live on BBC2, the Golden Globes on E!, and a quick look at Nick Hewer on Countdown on C4. I hope you like my shirt.