Podcasting about podcasting

Enjoyed guesting on the Word magazine podcast today, with David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry. Genial as ever, we covered Rolf Harris (who’s 80 today – cue: “tearing up”), the Murdoch paywall, Antipodean abbreviations, Craig David and, happily, podcasting and what it all means, which gave me the platform to plug the Collings & Herrin Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire CD, available from Go Faster Stripe. (Sorry, usually “ring-fence” C&H stuff to the dedicated Other Blog.) Follow the Word massive here.

Picture taken by Fraser of me pretending to read Nick Kent’s new memoir, which Dave gave me as he thought it looked rubbish. I actually quite like it so far.


On the 54th Collings & Herrin Podcast, one of us is caffeine-free, the other is virtually insensible on the stuff. Ethical and moral discussion moves almost imperceptibly from Prince Charles’s detox tincture to the quality of placard at the Luton anti-war protests; from monkey vengeance to sheepdog love; from Horden to Corden; from the wheelie bin police to reincarnation as a bee; from just about anything to Richard’s tour dates. I remain in a Zen-like stated of decaffeinated calm throughout. In the picture you can see Richard eating his pathetic fish fingers and me tucking into a superb spicy seafood, bacon and asparagus bake, which I brought in a Tupperware tub and decanted onto a plate Richard kindly gave me.

Incidentally, despite the deluge of well-intentioned technical advice two weeks ago, we still can’t make the podcast studio work in the USB port of my laptop. I think we need to go to the next level of advice, whatever that is. Help!