State: we’re in

TA115It is with some solemnity on Telly Addict that we reach the end of Friday Night Lights, which Sky Atlantic have very kindly shown from the start on a weekly, box-set basis, over the preceding 76 weeks; Peter Berg and his dedicated team certainly knew how to end the saga of a high-school football team (or two high school football teams), which wasn’t about high school football. Also, a new beginning for BBC1’s That Puppet Game Show (and hopefully a swift end); a return for the excellent, 80s-set The Field Of Blood to BBC2; part three of the temporally fractured Southcliffe on C4; and Jacques Peretti’s revealing The Men Who Made Us Thin on BBC2. Next week: Breaking Bad. Oh yes.

A bit Shaky

Only 21 days, nine hours, 17 minutes to go until the Olympics. (It will be less than that by the time you read this.) But in the meantime, here’s Telly Addict, in which I take a long, hard look at some long, hard Shakespeare, namely, Richard II, the first play in the Bard’s so-called “Henriad” (Henry IV Pts 1 and 2, and Henry V follow), on BBC1; Blackout, a new noir drama, also on BBC1; and Pts 1 and 2 of The Men Who Made Us Fat on BBC2, the excellent documentary about how America invented and exported obesity, not democracy, around the world, presented by Jacques Perreti, who used to work as a researcher at the production company that made Collins & Maconie’s Movie Club and who now produces and fronts his own documentaries (we should have tried harder to crush him at the time).