Hey, at last, the new Telly Addict, which took its time going up today, don’t know why. In it, we will be told what to think about Phil Spencer: Secret Agent on C4; nearly the end of The Bridge on BBC4; 56 Up on ITV1; Episodes on BBC2; and, less pressingly you might think, Dad’s Army on BBC2 (which is, to be fair, a repeat from 1970, but you have to see this clip, you really do). Have a look. Comment. Etc.


Spoiler Alert!

I mean it. This week on Telly Addict, I’m trying something new: reviewing not the fanfare-and-fireworks-display beginning of programmes, as is traditional, but the end. So, it’s the conclusion of ITV1’s Titanic; the conclusion of BBC2’s White Heat; and a catch-up with C4’s Homeland at about two thirds of the way through. It’s an experiment, but, I hope, a useful one (especially as the first two turned out better than I’d expected, and you can’t always say that about a series). Either way, if you’ve yet to see any of them up to – respectively – episode 4, episode 6 or episode 9, I warn you now, there will be things about how they end. Insert joke about the Titanic sinking here. I know I did.

Warning: contains language

In the new Telly Addict, you will see and hear me reviewing the teatime debut of Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid on ITV1; the welcome second series of Twenty Twelve on BBC2; the last of Talk At The BBC on BBC4 (which I hope they repeat soon); and the final season of Eastbound & Down on FX.

I did watch Derek last night on C4, but it was too late to include it, as I have to deliver my script on a Thursday and record it first thing on Friday. And I was out last night. I may assess it next week, although I don’t mind telling you in advance that I don’t feel, as a one-off, that it earned enough of our sympathy to expect us to be sad about a character being sad after such a short time. And did he have to have that hairstyle?

Anything good on?

This week’s Telly Addict is up a day early due to it being Good Friday tomorrow. In it, I am assessing Game Of Thrones on Sky Atlantic; Words of Captain Scott on ITV1; Damien Hirst: First Look on C4; and Silent Witness, season 16(!) on BBC1.

It was lovely to see the Guardian put us on the main homepage last week, and with a nice new picture they took of me inside an old telly. I dig that.

Oh, and at the top is a shot I took this morning of what it looks like to be me, doing Telly Addict. Exclusive! Have a nice Easter, even if you are not a Christian.

Big numbers

This week’s Telly Addict, apparently flagged on the Guardian front page, which is nice, covers Mad Men on Sky Atlantic; The Voice on BBC1; Britain’s Got Talent on ITV1; and Titanic on ITV1. Hope you like it. Hey, be nice if you want to come and play in the comment playground, kids. (The Guardian took some photos of me today for a future byline picture. Only been doing this a year; maybe they’ve finally noticed me!)