Graphic, novel

Public Service Announcement. I have changed the “theme” of this blog, via the magic of clicking on one I liked the look of, under the WordPress bonnet. There’s no deep reason for this. No crisis. I’ve been blogging a bit more regularly of late, and the way the pictures look has been getting on my nerves – the thick, pale pink borders? – and the fact that the date stamp didn’t include the year. (The circular stamp and typography were pretty, but without a year, the archive and search facilities felt a bit woolly.)

I wanted something a little cleaner, and clearer, and plainer. This is the one I’ve chosen. As you can see, I’ve brought the Mitfords banner with me, and the “widgets” are the same. I hope you find it easy to navigate and read. (For the record, the “theme” is called Twenty Eleven in the “theme” catalogue. That’s me: living in the past.) I’m open to comments. As ever.