Some product

Go Faster Stripe, the cottage DVD powerhouse, based in Cardiff, VAT-registered and run by Chris Evans (Not That One), is aptly named. Having recorded the second, exclusive Collings & Herrin CD, War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, just a few short weeks ago in the studio of Ty Cerdd within the magnificent Wales Millennium Centre with Chris, soundman Felix and work experience “boy” Isaac, it is already available to pre-order at the GFS website. Some people are already pre-ordering it.

I haven’t seen it yet, but among the extras is a professional, multi-camera recording of our live podcast at Cardiff’s Masonic Hall. So, you get four brand new, stereo podcasts on the Russian literary themes of the title, plus six of our teenage poems, and the podcast DVD. There are free clips, including one of the podcast, on the website.

I would say it’s the perfect Christmas gift, but clearly, for most people, it would be an imperfect Christmas gift. However, having almost reached 200 podcasts (even though we’re officially on Podcast 140, a man called Graham has added all the extracurricular ones to the running total, and provided us with his working, and it nearly makes 200), which is the equivalent of about eight days’ worth of free bollocks, it would be nice if regular listeners supported this venture, as it effectively means we can carry on sitting in Richard’s attic once a week and making something spontaneous and free, as if we were Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden without the money, or the restaurants, or the sumptuous northern English countryside, or the editing, or the freedom to only have to record six a year.

And here we are sharing a joke in the studio. Happy Christmas.

Stop me and buy one

Check out my new Shopfront [above]. It’s the first time I’ve actually set out my stall in this way, like I was selling dishcloths or apples on Northampton’s famous cobbled market [pictured, yesterday]. I feel dirty for doing it, naturally, but not dirty enough not to have done it. Anyway, it’s mostly for information purposes (someone on Twitter said this week that they’d been listening to me on 6 Music and hadn’t realised I had written Billy Bragg’s biography, for instance), and most of the links are to Go Faster Stripe, who are worthy of your support. And oat milk isn’t cheap.