The end

Not the end of Telly Addict, thankfully, but the end of three big shows from the previous week: The Apprentice, Series 8, BBC1; The Voice UK, Series 1, BBC1; and Game Of Thrones, Season 2, Sky Atlantic. Clearly, if you’ve been avoiding finding out whose startup Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in, or who had the best “voice” according to that ragtag band of devotees still watching The Voice, don’t watch this week’s Telly Addict. (I’ve tried to steer clear of saying anything specific about Game Of Thrones, as many will see it on DVD, although the real fans have read the books anyway, and know everything. Whenever covering serials, especially those on Sky, to which many do not have access, I’ll always try to choose clips from early on in an episode.)


King Alan

Sorry I haven’t posted all week. I’ve been ridiculously busy. Here is one of the things I have been busy doing: the second Telly Addict TV review column for the Guardian. In it, I review Made In Chelsea, The Apprentice, Two Greedy Italians and the pirates episode of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, they have added a comments section at the bottom this week, which they didn’t do last week. On doctor’s orders, I am going to use all my willpower not to read the Guardian comments, as they can be crueler and more dismissive than anything you’ll read under articles on the Mail or Telegraph websites, and my mental health must be preserved. I’m all for dialogue and debate and interaction, but I mustn’t get dragged in. Hope you enjoy the new column. I am enjoying doing it. One day, I’ll successfully embed it. But not yet.