Now pay attention

On Wednesday night, I was delighted to be asked to host the FX Christmas Pub Quiz, an annual event staged by the FX channel, home – in this country, at one time or another – of The Wire, Generation Kill, True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Eastbound and Down, Nip/Tuck, Dexter and The Walking Dead. Teams from various publications – Guardian Guide, Shortlist, the Sun, Time Out, Sky magazine, What Satellite, Men’s Health – competed against teams from, Walker Media and HBO. (The team from Nuts didn’t turn up, sadly. Probably out masturbating somewhere.) It was a terrific night. Last year’s host was Reginald D Hunter, whose natural cool was, we must imagine, slightly undermined by being perched on a stool all night, trying to shout above the general din of media folk drinking free beer and champagne and dipping free crispy duck wraps in plum dipping sauce. I have no such cool to undermine, and really enjoyed trying to keep order, and treating in good spirit those lively souls who felt it was their job to shout out stupid answers. (“Dildo!”) Here are some of those media folk, including the team from the free magazine Shortlist, who won the quiz, for the third time, I believe, so well done to them. (In the spirit of their magazine, when the answer sheets were collected up at half time by FX adjudicators, Shortlist just left theirs lying around on the seats. Boom, boom!)

Anyway, I asked Chrystal from FX, who thanklessly compiled the quiz, if I could reproduce it here, just for fun. (The winning three teams got prizes and everything, but I am not FX.) It’s all based on what happened this year. Thanks to FX for the gig, especially Marc who made the introductions, and to all the media whores who came up to me afterwards and said nice things. It was held at the Book Club in the area of London many know as Old Street. I liked the venue. And they served amazing food. And created a mind-blowing chain of about 30 Jagerbombs on the bar afterwards; Chrystal was asked to ceremonially push over the first alcohol domino in the chain, and all of the shot glasses of Jagermeister plopped into the tumblers of Red Bull, ready to be downed by people who should know better. I have never seen such a thing in my life. I wish somebody had filmed it. Perhaps somebody did.

The quiz appears below this sappy posed picture of me with the FX “branding.”

The FX Christmas Pub Quiz 2010

1. Who replaced U2 at Glastonbury this year when Bono suffered a back injury?
2. The cast of Glee mostly dominated the UK charts with Don’t Stop Believing, but who sings the original?
3. Name the number 1 album in the UK which caused a stir this year after the band used a family photo found in a charity shop as the cover art?
4. … and the 2010 Mercury prize goes to?
5. What is the full title of the third Twilight film?
6. A somewhat true account behind the creation of Facebook, who directed The Social Network?
7. In addition to the US, Sex and the City 2 was primarily set in which country?
8. Who directed the American remake of Tomas Alfredson’s vampire story Let the Right One In?
9. It wasn’t such a happy day when which actor died aged 83 October of this year?
10. On January 8, Elvis Presley celebrated which birthday?
11. Whose sex text affair with a backing dancer was exposed when their other half discovered a secret phone?
12. Which pop star finally ended years of speculation by coming out as a “proud” and “fortunate” homosexual earlier this year?
13. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, the first episode of the three-part miniseries Sherlock was entitled what?
14. In January, who won the final ever series of Celebrity Big Brother?
15. Who stars alongside Matt Smith in the new Doctor Who series as his two companions Amy and Rory?
16. In chronological order which three TV channels aired Britain’s live series of party leader debates with David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg?
17. How many American viewers tuned into the premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on the cable channel TLC?
18. The cast of which US sitcom performed two live performances to the East and West coasts as a one-off stunt?
19. Sarah Ferguson opened up on which US chat show following the hidden camera scandal that rocked Britain?
20. The Lost series finale aired simultaneously across 59 countries but what was the US’s transmission date?
21. Where was the 2010 Super Bowl held?
22. Which driver is the Formula One 2010 World Champion?
23. What country did Holland beat to make it to the Final of the football World Cup in South Africa?
24. Who won their third Golf Masters title this year?
25. Name the female protagonist in the Steig Larsson Millennium Trilogy?
26. Released in November, the memoir Decision Points follows whose life?
27. Controversy surrounded which fiction novel when plans for a big screen adaption invoked industrial protests this year?
28. Complete the title of this autobiography by Chris Evans: Memoirs of a _____
29. Who said: “I dabbled into witchcraft. I never joined a coven … I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up.”
30. Who said – or Tweeted:”You are the chosen one dun dun dun”
31. Who said: “I feel sorry for straight men.”
32. Who said: “I’m no Tom Jones but I’m doing better than Nick Clegg.”
33. What technology was highly promoted during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this year?
34. True or false: fish shrink in harsh winters?
35. What is Apple’s top selling app for the iPhone in 2010?
36. Facebook users in India were offered a chance to make themselves appear whiter online as part of a marketing campaign by which skincare company?
37. In which month was Haiti hit by the devastating Earthquake?
38. Nineteen people were killed in a stampede at which music festival this year?
39. What are the first five letters of the Icelandic volcano that brought Europe’s air travel to a halt?
40. Thirty-three miners were trapped in a 500 square feet passage, in temperatures of 97 degrees Fahrenheit. But how many days were they underground for?
41. What CCTV moment sparked international outrage and resulted in a fine of just £265? (I’ll accept the generally agreed name for the moment as it appears on YouTube, or the protagonist’s name.)
42. Following a recent high court battle, who is the owner of Liverpool FC?
43. Which US state introduced a law that would allow police to stop anyone who they think is an illegal immigrant?
44. In America, Proposition 19 claims to control, regulate and tax what?
45. A Florida-based produce company is looking to titillate the eye and the taste buds by offering a new red-coloured what to give a colourful crunch to salads and dips?
46. What was the name of the now deceased psychic Octopus who correctly predicted the World Cup winners?
47. A flock of which animal gathered in Mexico to form a giant version of itself? (Unless the pic was photoshopped!)
48. The largest gathering of people dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz was achieved in which country this year? (Bonus point if you can name the town.)
49. My name is not my name, I’ve taught and rode and slain. Vampires are not my game. Themes of life and death with me remain. Who am I?
50. What religion is Homer Simpson? (I’ll accept either of two answers to this.)

I’ll print the answers next week. Don’t sent your answers to me, just have a go for your own amusement. Why not print the questions out, take them to a basement bar that is full of people shouting, and attempt them while drinking Tiger or champagne or Jagerbombs while staring at a giant picture of Dexter’s face. Then it’ll be just like you were there.