Whatever | August 2010

Whatever | Guilty pleasures They’re songs and books. What’s to feel guilty about? In May 1933, when the Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund decided to collectively haul themselves out of bed before the Third Reich equivalent of Loose Women and organise a … Continue reading

Whatever | November 2009

Whatever | Militant atheism Please, Prof Dawkins, can I be a quiet, passive atheist? As a pacifist, and a coward, I’m really not looking for a fight. But argy bargy is brewing in the ideological playground, and rather than skulk … Continue reading

Whatever | January 2009

Whatever | Animal racism Is the gun-toting “management” of the grey squirrel class war? This year I have mostly become obsessed by the Mitford sisters, those intrepid darlings of the decadent Vile Bodies era who dallied at both poles of … Continue reading

Whatever | September 2009

Whatever | Festivals and work/life balance Why blanket media coverage of Glastonbury has puréed its spirit Thanks to extensive coverage in all BBC-hating national newspapers – ie. all national newspapers – we know that the Corporation dispatched “almost as many” … Continue reading

Whatever | November 2010

Whatever | In praise of print The printed word is so last century. But you’ll miss the airport novel and the boarding pass when they’re gone I am against the Kindle. There, I’ve said it. As lightweight and graphite-cool as … Continue reading