Into the Valley

TA156HVjAs I type, we’re mere hours away from the final part of Happy Valley on BBC1, brutal and brilliant and one of the landmark dramas of the TV year so far, and featured heavily in this week’s Telly Addict. While animated by ensuing episodes of Sally Wainwright’s fem-centric Hebden Bridge crime saga, I have been let down by the way From There To Here unfolded in its second episode, also on BBC1, and also covered this week, for balance. Plus: the 1950s-Dublin-set Quirke, also on BBC1, which I’m loving, so I am, and Imagine: Philip Roth Unleashed on BBC2, a rare treat for those of us who’ve only read Portnoy’s Complaint. For fun, I cover Four Rooms on C4, which returned for its fourth series and is basically a posh Cash In The Attic, but no less fun for that. Happy Valley! Happy Valley! Happy Valley!


4 thoughts on “Into the Valley

  1. Interestingly enough, I stopped watching Happy Valley (and The Americans) for the same reason: I’ve reached my limit regarding the number of rape scenes I can put up with. So maybe I missed a damn fine woman centred series but I had to draw a line.

  2. I tend to watch DVDs more than anything else, its not often I venture into TV land but even I couldnt avoid the rumblings and talking about this awesome show that was ‘Happy Valley’ People were shocked, people were impressed but everyone seemed to talking about the show. Ive added it to my watch list and will soon blitz through all six episodes and see how good it really is. I think it is indeed going to be a wonderful multi drama that of course will be back for a Series 2

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