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The Guardian seems a bit stingy about Telly Addict at the moment, rarely leaving the traditional plug for it up on the homepage for longer than a day, which, it seems, reduces traffic to a trickle, thus sealing my longterm fate by their own hand. Boo! I can’t really do much more than provide an alert on Twitter and on this blog. So …

This week, we have two historical dramas, the Game Of Thrones-influenced Vikings on History and Penny Dreadful from Showtime on Sky Atlantic (I won’t ruin it for you, but I much preferred Vikings); also, the return of Showtime/BBC co-prod Episodes, and my highlights of Sunday night’s Bafta TV Awards, which I hope you enjoy.


9 thoughts on “The Odin catalogue

  1. Such a shame The Guardian don’t support it more – it’s one of the best sources of honest opinion about telly output. If, for some bizarre reason, production ceases, would you consider producing it independently? I hope so.

    • If they cancel it, my first priority will be trying to find another paying job, to be honest. It’s one of my few sources of regular income.

        • They seem happy enough with it at the department that commissions it. What’s clear is that if whoever does the main Guardian homepage doesn’t put the link up, fewer people visit Telly Addict (and our comment numbers appreciably drop). This week, it went live at the usual 10am but didn’t get its plug on the homepage until mid-afternoon. However, once it was up there, the traffic started to come.

          The best way to support it is simply that: to click on it and view the film. Which you’re already doing!

          (Having had the gig for three years now, I am prepared to be reshuffled at any moment. You can never tell when you might fall out of favour.)

  2. I invariably watch it at least twice, so that probably helps your viewership. I’d retweet it to my 94-96 followers, but I have no guarantee that any of them ever read my tweets. As you know, though, I’m a Telly Addict addict, so I’d be bereft if it ever went away (although I suppose that would mean you were making more money doing something else).

    • I’ll keep doing it until a) they have me escorted from the building by security, or b) I get a TV series commissioned that would make it diplomatically difficult for me to review other TV series. (Script editing doesn’t count, nor does having a show in development, which I usually do.)

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