Downturn Abbey

TA122Laughs aplenty this week on Telly Addict, although not, to be honest, from Downton Abbey on ITV, whose fourth series continues to play out like a Smiths song; elsewhere however, comedy abounds: The Wrong Mans on BBC2 (already reviewed in great detail on this very blog), London Irish on C4 and the comeback farewell of The IT Crowd on C4; also, while we’re about it, By Any Means on BBC1, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on C4 (nice importing!) and a lovely Culture Show special on Northern Soul on BBC2 that allowed incoming Channel Four News culture editor Paul Mason to spin like a twisted wheel.

PS: I hadn’t seen the final episode of Breaking Bad when we recorded this yesterday. I have now. But I doubt I’ll be able to meaningfully review it on Telly Addict for fear of spoiling it for law-abiding citizens of the UK who don’t subscribe to Neflix. I may blog about it here instead, in a safe zone.


8 thoughts on “Downturn Abbey

    • I said “law-abiding people who don’t have Netflix.” You are a law-abiding person who does have Netflix and thus fall outside of my description of the people who haven’t seen Breaking Bad.

  1. Thought so but I was feeling too polite to say anything. I’ll leave with a quote which almost works in this context “Cheer up, beautiful people, this is where you get to make it right”.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see why you can happily review stuff that only Sky subscribers have seen and not review stuff that only Netflix subscribers have seen. Your reviews – both here and on the Guardian site – will only be seen by people who could access Netflix.

    • 10 million Sky subscribers. 1.5 million UK Netflix subscribers. Quite a difference. I’m also very careful not to reveal plot points from Game Of Thrones, for instance, which is on Sky Atlantic. It’s a general minefield. (I avoided mentioning a huge plot development from the last series of GOT, which I would have loved to talk about, for fear of upsetting the non Sky subscribers.)

      • I guess the relevant questions would be:
        How many non Sky subscribers are there?
        Who exactly is the audience for your reviews?
        How many people who didn’t watch the finale on Netflix actually (not meaning to be too dismissive) give a shit?

        But obviously I don’t know the answers to any of those questions.

        The way I see it, the concerns of people without the means to pay for TV should be respected. But people who have the means can be happily disregarded. If you’ve bought into pay TV then you’re sold on the idea that if you want something you pay for it, and if you can’t afford it then you can’t have it. If Sky can be said to have a principle then that surely is it.

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