State: we’re in

TA115It is with some solemnity on Telly Addict that we reach the end of Friday Night Lights, which Sky Atlantic have very kindly shown from the start on a weekly, box-set basis, over the preceding 76 weeks; Peter Berg and his dedicated team certainly knew how to end the saga of a high-school football team (or two high school football teams), which wasn’t about high school football. Also, a new beginning for BBC1’s That Puppet Game Show (and hopefully a swift end); a return for the excellent, 80s-set The Field Of Blood to BBC2; part three of the temporally fractured Southcliffe on C4; and Jacques Peretti’s revealing The Men Who Made Us Thin on BBC2. Next week: Breaking Bad. Oh yes.


1 thought on “State: we’re in

  1. Am I allowed to make a pre-emptive strike about Breaking Bad series 5b? Given that everybody and their grandmother is now in on the secret, just when there were signs of fatigue in the opening few episodes of season 8a (it got better but Jesse seemed like a bit of an afterthought for most of it), I was half expecting disappointment. But it was actually right good in the main and up there with the best episodes by the end.

    I just wish all these media articles would dispense with the ‘best series ever’ references. We had all that with The Wire and it’s pointless at best (I know that The Wire remains the best thing I’ve seen on TV but I don’t see any point telling anyone else it’s their own pinnacle) and downright unhelpful at worst (that expectations thing again).

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