Please tell us why you had to hide away for so long (slight return)


The facts: series one of Mr Blue Sky is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra starting tomorrow. As regular readers will know, this was one of the proudest moments in my professional writing career, seeing my first solo sitcom commissioned by the BBC and for it to run to two series, on Radio 4 in 2011 and 2012. The happy cast-and-crew pic above is the series one line-up.

I wrote at length about the making of the first series in March 2011. Also, the terror of it going public in May 2011 and a general reflection upon the madness of putting yourself into the public domain. I duly blogged during the making of series 2 in March 2012. (These are not required reading or homework, I merely make them available again via handy links.) That series aired in April last year, since which, well … the end was nigh.

Getting the commission was one of the happiest moments of my career, especially after the long, slow journey it had been on, over a course of years, from inception to conception. It vindicated all the time put in, much of it unpaid and speculative, as per industry law. Equally, when we failed to secure a third series, having worked hard on a story breakdown for it, and allowed ourselves to get excited when we were called in for a meeting about the changes and given the wrong impression that we were in with a shout, it was one of the great disappointments of that same career. I would have loved to write some more for Harvey, Jax, Robbie, Charlie, Ray, Sean, Kill-R, Alan Leopold, Lou and the rest of the gang.

So, if you missed it, maybe have a listen. It won’t bring the show back, but it’s lovely to have it back in the public domain.


5 thoughts on “Please tell us why you had to hide away for so long (slight return)

  1. Could you not follow Richard Herring’s lead and make it yourself? I’m sure someone would be prepared to loan you a studio, (I may be able to help with a radio studio but it is in Nottingham) and you could put it out as a paid download. Just an idea.

    • What would I pay the actors with? And what would I pay the writer with? (Sorry to go all practical on you.)

      • Fair comment, not really my area of expertise to be honest. I’m sure there’s a way. The cast of AIOTM (aiotm) were paid, not BBC amounts but there was a small amount that came in.

        • True, but they were also Richard’s friends, doing him a favour on trust, and for the fun of doing it. It was a financial gamble that ultimately paid off, and good on him, and them, for taking the risk. There’s no comparison with writing a structured, narrative comedy with a cast of more like eight professional actors.

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