TA102On this week’s Telly Addict, we bid farewell, or au revoir, to three dramas that came to an end last week. The Village on BBC1, whose first chapter took us from 1914 to 1920, took a bow via a lovely closing shot of the entire village gathered around the new war memorial; Endeavour on ITV, whose fourth mystery was called Home, scattered lots of delicious clues to future events which we have already seen, on Morse, and left Detective Constable Endeavour himself with the threat of a limp “in middle age”; and Boss, on More4, whose first season operated at such a high pitch of corruption and venality, it was a surprise to see the delicate visual flourish that I have chosen as my clip to illustrate what has been a terrific run. There’s also a peek through our fingers at The Apprentice on BBC1, whose launch episode drew its lowest audience since 2007, and something almost as horrible, NBC’s Hannibal, on Sky Living. I also find time to commend the accessible documentary Bankers on BBC2, which lines up plutocrats in suits and supplies fruit to throw at them.


1 thought on “Bankers

  1. Nice to see some attention for Boss, which I only watched because I consider Frasier (at its best) about as good as TV comedy gets. I thought it was a tremendous series, and I hope it brings Grammer further opportunities to display his dramatic gifts. You’ve absolutely nailed it with your line about it operating “at such a high pitch of corruption and venality”; even after half a dozen episodes of that, I was still shocked when an apparent shred of humanity (his burgeoning rekindling of his relationship with his daughter) turned out to be something else to be sacrificed in the pursuit of power. And the final episode, as your clip suggests, had an elegiac quality. What a pity there is only one more series, if indeed More4 show it.

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