I love 1973

TA85grabI apologise for the late running of the plug for this week’s Telly Addict. I’ve been busy. At any rate, it’s been up all day, and within it, you will see my nice new haircut, a shirt I haven’t worn very often and some considered, erudite, witty reviews of – plus some controversially throwaway remarks about – the adorable 1973 John Betjeman documentary Metro-land, shown again last week on BBC4; the similarly locomotive Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo on BBC2; the perhaps unfairly maligned Mr Selfridge on ITV1; the quite horrible World Without End on C4; and the return of Silent Witness to BBC1 for its 16th series! I’ve already found myself in a titanic struggle with a persistent man over at the Guardian website, should you have more time on your hands than sense. You’re more than welcome to discuss these shows here, in a friendlier environment. I always reply.


1 thought on “I love 1973

  1. I was searching for a review of Ripper Street that wasn’t obsessed with the misogyny in the first episode and thus found Telly Addict. Since I, living in the States, am just as Breaking Bad-deprived as you are since I don’t even have cable & thus can’t see it until the last season comes out next year on DVD, I liked that review. So I watched them all because I was cleaning anyway, and I imagine that I’ll probably watch them all again at some point, because l laugh out loud an average of three times per video, which is a much higher average than I get out of the average American sitcom. But since you mention the shirts, just thought I’d say, I notice the shirts (because really, what else is there to notice?) Anyway, I am now a Telly Addict addict, so I followed you on Twitter. Well done.

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