For each a road

TA82grabAfter the unusual step last week of trailing something – The Fear on C4 – you’ll be glad to know that I actually review this week. (We record this on a Monday afternoon and the first of four episodes aired on Monday night, running to four consecutive nights thereafter.) In the event, I’m rather surprised to say that Telly Addict seems to be going out on a limb here in praising The Fear to the rafters, as it was rubbished in many quarters. I was also a fan of the first episode of ITV1’s The Town, by playwright Mike Bartlett, also less so of A Young Doctor’s Notebook on Sky Arts 1, albeit mainly due to a disconnect between me and Russian humour, as it’s based on the semi-autobiographical short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov. Oh, and further mention of ITV3’s re-runs of Man About The House, which are an ongoing pleasure.


1 thought on “For each a road

  1. I think you are usually a good judge, but I can’t agree with you about The Fear. I have just caught up with it in the past week and was very underwhelmed. I didn’t care about the gangster family. Great central performance and production values, no doubt. But the endless flashbacks padded it out too much. Needed to be half this running time. Loved your autobiography. Regards.

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