See you this Tuesday

This is confusing. The most recent Telly Addict went live on Friday afternoon. And here’s a new one? Already? Yes, the people upstairs at the Guardian have decided to spread out their video content across the week, so that it doesn’t bottleneck at the weekends. We negotiated Monday as a new write-and-record date, with a view to “publishing” on a Tuesday morning at around 10am. This will hopefully give us a better chance of being picked up and, even better, viewed. (User numbers predictably drop off at weekends.) Due to the “short week” (ie. the weekend), I have reviewed four comedies that are currently on – and the exquisite Hunderby on Sky Altantic, which has just finished – so, eyes down for the multi-award-winning Fresh Meat, which has returned for its second series to C4; Modern Family, whose fourth season has just started on Sky1; and Nurse Jackie, whose fourth season has just started on Sky Atlantic. If you are a Sky refusenik, then just enjoy the clips of some of the best comedy on telly at the moment, in my opinion. And put Tuesday in your diary. (The Great British Bake Off final will be reviewed then, safely after the event, so that I can actually name the winner and not enrage spoiler-alert whiners!)

3 thoughts on “See you this Tuesday

  1. Fresh Meat is terrific and I wholeheartedly agree about the way they dealt with the ‘gay’ issue. It was similarly moving in the first series when they dealt with JPs father issues etc (won’t say anymore in case people want to pick up the DVD). I can’t for the life of me understand why people moan about JW. I know he’s only playing a caricature of his real self but he does it brilliantly.

    Similarly with Hunderby, a kind of black comedy version of Daphne De Maurier’s Rebecca. The fertility test seen may not have been representative of the style of comedy they went for in the main but it was still the funniest 3 seconds of comedy on TV this year.

    However I just don’t get Modern Family. It’s so…. smug and self-regarding (does that also just mean smug?). All the actors clearly believe that they are making ground breaking TV and all the Emmy awards have reinforced that belief. I gave up on it ages ago but are they still using the inexplicable documentary style filming format, that they clearly nicked (with no apparent justification) from The Office?

    Whilst I’m on have you reviewed Moone Boy which is another great Sky sitcom? I won’t waffle on, but the episode where they dealt with male adolescent ‘awakenings’ was not only very funny but is the most beautiful and believable portrayal of that extremely weird phase in all men’s lives that I have ever seen (comedy, drama, film, play, whatever).

    • I’m not sure anybody on Modern Family really thinks they’re making “groundbreaking TV”, although I have no way of knowing. As for Moone Boy, I found it charming, and I know the town where it is set, so found it reassuring to see its bridges and buildings on my telly, but it’s made by the company Baby Cow, with whom I’m currently working on “a project” – more on that soon – so I thought that I’d better not overdo their output, having already praised Hunderby. My favourite Moone Boy was the Berlin Wall one. (Additionally, it annoys the Guardian’s Murdoch refuseniks if I do too much Sky!)

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