The badger cull: a personal viewpoint

There should be no badger cull.


13 thoughts on “The badger cull: a personal viewpoint

    • There are compelling arguments on both sides. I am very well read on the subject, and listen to Farming Today, which presents a balanced view of a contentious issue. Dairy farmers are in enough trouble already from the supermarkets and the processors, and I couldn’t be more sympathetic about that. But I can only offer a personal view based upon everything I know about the situation, and since a cull has not been proven to be a foolproof solution, I do not think a cull is a good idea.

      Maybe if I was a dairy or beef farmer I’d feel differently. But maybe if a dairy or beef farmer was a badger they’d feel differently, so it’s not a useful hypothetical.

  1. Incidentally the answer to the questions ‘Who numbers weeks?’ is ‘Swedes’. I live and work in Stockholm and have done so for 6 years. And can I get my head around what time of year it is when someone refers to ‘week 12’ or ‘Week 24’? Can I heck. I’m trying to fight back and use ‘the last week in May’ or ‘at the beginning of Autumn’ but it’s not catching on, dammit.

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