Graphic, novel

Public Service Announcement. I have changed the “theme” of this blog, via the magic of clicking on one I liked the look of, under the WordPress bonnet. There’s no deep reason for this. No crisis. I’ve been blogging a bit more regularly of late, and the way the pictures look has been getting on my nerves – the thick, pale pink borders? – and the fact that the date stamp didn’t include the year. (The circular stamp and typography were pretty, but without a year, the archive and search facilities felt a bit woolly.)

I wanted something a little cleaner, and clearer, and plainer. This is the one I’ve chosen. As you can see, I’ve brought the Mitfords banner with me, and the “widgets” are the same. I hope you find it easy to navigate and read. (For the record, the “theme” is called Twenty Eleven in the “theme” catalogue. That’s me: living in the past.) I’m open to comments. As ever.


2 thoughts on “Graphic, novel

  1. That is the ‘default’ WordPress theme, used by thousands of other blogs. So if you were hoping to be individual, maybe choose another. If not, then it’s a great theme 🙂

    • I have no interest in being original! (If I did, I’d pay someone to design a special website for me. But I don’t have the budget, so this is the ideal alternative.) It is a great theme, you’re right. It’s actually made me go back and read of my older blog entries, as they are much easier to read now. Not that’s I’ve got time to do that.

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