I Skyed it

Apologies to all Sky refuseniks, as this week, I am forced by professional obligation to cover three whole programmes on Telly Addict that are only available to subscribers to the $3.76bn-contributing eighth of News Corp that provides satellite television. At least you can see a few clips, eh? We’re talking about Sky Atlantic’s big Monday Night Is Comedy Night launch, which includes Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life, Sky Atlantic; Veep, Sky Atlantic; and Walking & Talking, Sky Atlantic. I’ve also subjected myself to Man V Food on Dave; and its new sequel Man V Food Nation on The Good Food Channel. However, terrestrially, we have the terrific new cop show Line Of Duty on BBC2, so stop complaining, and, if you refuse to give money to Sky, I hope you didn’t pay to see Prometheus, which also goes to Rupert Murdoch, because News Corp owns 20th Century Fox, which forms a $6.9bn-contributing sixth of his media empire.


3 thoughts on “I Skyed it

  1. Dave is and technically always has been a terrestrial channel. It’s free. Even the analogue/digital distinction between it and BBC2 is almost a thing of the past.

    I can’t say I never watch these reviews when you cover Sky shows, but generally I don’t. Unfortunately (no offence) that leaves me almost obliged to watch them on the rare occasions when you don’t.

  2. Yes, a Sky refuse-nik. Missing out on new Alan Partridge and Armando Iannucci. Sadly Charlie Brooker has also taken Murdoch’s shiny shilling with his new series Touch of Cloth. It’s a shame. These people used to be cool.

    They went after Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, he said recently, although he said (in a way) that his act would be diminished if he did because it’s something his Stewart Lee ‘character’ would rail against.

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