Telly Addict number 46 – not that anybody’s counting – is up. This week, I’m all over Richard Bacon’s The Anti-Social Network on BBC3; the new one from Heroes creator Tim Kring, Touch, on Sky1; and Hit The Road Jack on C4. Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for almost a year. (When The Apprentice and Four Rooms returned this week, it was like Groundhog Day. I’m not watching The Apprentice this year, I’m afraid, but Four Rooms has yet to jump the shark. I might review series two next week, although I’m duty bound to cover The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent too, and Titanic, and maybe the final TV Burp?) I can’t imagine why you’d want to, but if you’re new to these weekly antics, all 46 are archived here.


3 thoughts on “Boom

    • Six-part Radio sitcom, many undisclosed projects for TV at various stages of development, Radio Times … that’s enough to be going on with!

  1. Having never missed ‘The Apprentice’ I have been faintly bored by the opening two episodes this year. Perhaps it is just the same old same old, but most of the “contestants” seem to be TV idiots this time around. They used to describe them as something like “the finest business minds of a generation” on the opening credits… I don’t think they do that anymore, just “potential business partners” which is surely a sign of defeat. I don’t think you’re missing too much by giving it a swerve this year.

    And what’s ‘Four Rooms’ without Emma Hawkins? Just four odd people sat about… In four different rooms.


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