This week’s Telly Addict looks at White Heat, BBC2; The Sarah Millican Television Programme, BBC2; and Friday Night Lights, currently showing from the beginning on Sky Altantic. Apparently, in a Guardian editorial meeting my name came up in a positive light for the way I deal with people in the comments section under Telly Addict. Hey, all I do is enter into a dialogue with anybody who’s being friendly and discussing the TV shows, and hold back from typing the first thing that comes into my head when a troll has an anonymous pop.


2 thoughts on “Soap

  1. Actually, Friday Night Lights began as a brilliant book—a journalist moved to a small Texas town for a year and chronicled the ups and downs of the team and everyone associated. It is a fantastic read—do find it. Needless to say, Buzz Bissinger is still not well loved in Texas. (everything he writes is worth a read)

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