Happy birthday to us

So, just for the record, the official left-to-right of the great 6 Music presenters photo, taken before Christmas, and almost definitive in terms of the current squad. Many have asked about the identity of certain individuals after I posted it on Twitter, so here goes:

BACK ROW: D Letts, G Garvey, S Lamacq, T Ravenscroft, S Maconie, N Metaxas, S Keaveny, M Everitt, J Cocker, L Laverne, C Matthews, M Riley, H Morgan

FRONT ROW: M Radcliffe, J Holmes, A Collins, C Charles, G Coe, T Robinson, L Kershaw, C Hawkins, M Lachlan-Young


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to us

  1. I’m not a 6 Music listener, but coming a couple of days after International Women’s Day, the one thing I notice is the low percentage of female presenters. I’m sure it’s a wonderful radio station, playing great music, fully deserving of its place on the air, and fabulous place to work on top, but for me this does demonstrate why IWD is still important. I’m not even a particularly vocal feminist but it saddens me. Surely there are women out there who could play a bigger role? However, such is the way of things and I shall just hope that this time next year the photo might have a few more female faces.

  2. I’m embarrased now that one of the people who I couldn’t recognise from the photo, was the mighty Guy Garvey! Shame on me! (The other was Murray Lachlan Young but I don’t recall ever seeing a photo of him.)

  3. Working on music radio inevitably means needing to be able to sound like you know something about records and musicians you know nothing about. Men are typically better than women at doing this because they’ve been doing it all their lives – and not just about records and musicians.

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