It’s not a race

This week on Telly Addict, in which my opinions ride on the back of the thoroughbred Guardian, I’m reviewing Luck from HBO on Sky Atlantic (with apologies to the 50 million people without access to Sky, although you may enjoy the pretty clips); Homeland from Showtime on C4; and Upstairs Downstairs on BBC1, during the assessment of which I think I mispronounce Ralph Macchio.

Again, sorry about the brevity and scarcity of current blog entries, but I’ve just completed two full, punishing weeks of 6 Music Breakfast, which I loved doing, while still under the cosh of the Mr Blue Sky deadline, which is, frankly, next Friday, so it’s back to work for me. Enjoy your weekend! (Incidentally, we’ve made some very exciting casting decisions for the second series, all of which will be revealed in March when the ink is dry on the contracts.)

And if you missed Thursday’s one-off, half-hour documentary on Radio 4, Oscar Sings, about the Academy Award for Best Song, which I presented, it’s on iPlayer.

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