Normal service

Eyes front! Normal service is resumed for this week’s Telly Addict. The Guardian “digital first” department pulled itself together, fixed the Autocue, remembered to caption my clips and all was right with the world. (The weird thing is, only I seemed to notice that last week’s was a bit “off”. We apparently had a spike in views and drew more comments than normal, too, one or two of which weren’t just, “You are shit, it is shit, everything you reviewed is shit.” So go figure, as the Americans say.) This week, I’m covering the return of Being Human for its fourth series to BBC3, which I don’t really think is aimed at me; the return of HBO’s True Blood for its fourth season to FX, which I went off during season three but may well have fallen back in love with; and the return of Whitechapel for its third series to ITV1, which, again, I got fed up with during series two, but am well up for again now. (Note how carefully I refer to series if it’s British, and seasons if it’s American. One has to preserve the language.)

Next week, I plan on revisting Call The Midwife, which is the new sensation across the nation, as I tuned in to episode one and had to turn off as it had all these babies being born in it, and catching up with Inside Men, which might just be the best British thing on TV at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Normal service

  1. I’m sure it would get more views if it was possible to find it – the Guardian website isn’t sure whether it’s Telly addict or The Week in TV, doesn’t list you as a contributor on the TV page, and it only appears on the page early on Saturday. Which is a shame as it’s become mah favourite TV review.

  2. I agree with Martin. The Guardian make it quite a treasure hunt to actually get to your weekly piece. Until last week it was impossible to find it at all through the Facebook Guardian app., which was how I was hoping to promote it to friends. I believe it showed up by Monday, and I was finally able to “share”, but you might want to have a word with the Guardian app. crew, and let them know that if they want to avoid a knee-capping, they better “Sort i’ awt!”

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