Do you want ice with that?

Still wearing the jumper, still watching the TV programmes and talking about them. This week’s Telly Addict from backstage at the shrinking Guardian newspaper looks at Dancing On Ice on ITV1; Borgen on BBC4, or BBC Denmark as it’s soon to be rebranded; and two new sitcoms, The New Girl on C4, and Stella on Sky1. Nothing on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, as I only recognised five of the initial 12 housemates, and from now on, I’m operating a strict 50% Celebrity Recognition Threshold system. (This seems only fair. Even if I hadn’t recongised me on Celebrity Mastermind, I would have scored 75% recognition, and that’s only one edition; across the series, it would definitely have averaged out at more than 50%.)

Oh by the way, the Big Brother house has two twins in it, who might count as two, which makes five out of 13, but I hadn’t heard of them collectively or individually, so it makes no real difference.


4 thoughts on “Do you want ice with that?

    • It’s getting smaller, isn’t it? The supplements are being “absorbed” into the main paper by stealth. (Sport section is no longer free-standing, as of today.) The full-page Comment lead has disappeared today. Mark Lawson’s column gone from G2. This is the sad truth of print newspapers.

      • Less for the paper boy to carry. But then, the paper boys have switched to delivering non-recyclable bags for “£5 donated for every 50 tons of new clothes” collections, on behalf of the East European Mafia.

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