Holmes under the hammer

First Telly Addict of the New Year and second avuncular outing for my jumper, which I’m starting to like: on this week’s review for the Guardian, it’s three big hitters from the three big channels – Sherlock, BBC1; Endeavour, ITV1; and Treasure Island, Sky1 – thematically linked in all sorts of ways. I hope you enjoy it. My jumper, that is. Warning: contains pre-watershed nudity that may arouse some Daily Mail readers. It’s here.


2 thoughts on “Holmes under the hammer

  1. Funnily enough I saw the Sherlock show, only because I’d just bought a big Samsung TV. I’ve just seen the next episode and suddenly have a strange inclination to buy another one. Every bugger had one. I honestly thought it was going to turn out to be a clue, rather than horribly distracting product placement.

  2. I thought the hounds of baskerville episode was trying (and failing) to be too clever and felt too doctor whooish for me.

    last weeks finale though was absolutely superb. shame they never made more episodes but I guess they are feature length and they want to keep some control over the overall process etc.

    Martin Freeman’s tendency towards mugging (post-The Office) seems to be directly in proportion to the quality of the scripts he’s being asked to read – so the baskerville one had lots and last week’s had none.

    I’m guessing this is subconscious.

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