2011: all watched over

Room for one more look back at 2011? My Guardian Telly Addict review of the TV year went up on New Year’s Eve, and I fear it may have been missed in all the excitement. I know it’s 2012 now and we’re all about the future and Sherlock and Endeavour and Treasure Island (all of which I’ll be dealing with this Friday), but if you fancy being reminded of what was on telly between April and December last year, and see my mouth moving about in between, have a look.


2 thoughts on “2011: all watched over

  1. Cool! And Happy New Year 🙂

    Tangentially, I was v.surprised to see the guy you sometimes stand in for on the telly, Mark Kermode, being interviewed in this month’s Star Wars Insider! (I was under the impression that the good Doctor has little time for Star Wars – all of them, not just the prequels, which most loathe – whereas you’re an (albeit not quite Peggian) fan of the the orginals)

    • I suspect Mark has been doing the rounds to promote his book and his tour (which are about multiplex cinema and thus cover Star Wars).

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