OK, so it turns out that I don’t know how to properly pronounce the Danish word ForbrydelsenThe Killing to most of us – but at least a commenter under this week’s Telly Addict TV review on the Guardian website was kind enough to point this out. For-broodle-sun, you idiots! (I must say, I really feel I am getting off lightly with the comments under Telly Addict. Users of the Guardian website are rightly fabled to be among the cruellest, bitchiest and rudest on earth. But mostly, they just engage with each other about the programmes I have reviewed, which is kind of what it’s for, so God bless them.) As well as the return of The Killing to BBC4 – and I’m only watching Episode 1 for now, as I wish to binge on the rest of the nine episodes when I’ve got at least five or six in the Sky+ tank – I stumble across Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ Girl on Channel 5 and find myself frustrated by the quality of Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker on C4. The link is here.


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