Carry on up the jungle

As well as lamenting the passing of Shooting Stars, on this week’s very-slightly-different-looking Telly Addict, I’m reviewing I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here on ITV1, and two very different shows on BBC2, namely, Rev and Pan Am.

If you’re not already a convert to Rev – and this is series two, so you’re going to need to get the DVD – there are a couple of clips here, and they show just how lovely the writing, by co-creator James Wood, and acting, from Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman and the rest of the cast, are. As I say in my review, Wood seems to revel in the art of conversation. There’s story here, too, and character development, but the joy lies in the interaction between Hollander’s Anglican priest and, well, whoever he happens to be interacting with. I love the humility of Hollander’s performance; in many of the show’s best scenes, he says much less than whoever he’s talking to – Steve Evets’ church groupie, Miles Jupp’s lay reader, Simon McBurney’s archdeacon, Hugh Bonneville’s media vicar – and yet he says just as much with his expressions and his faltering reactions. This seems of a piece with the job he’s portraying – a priest is often called upon to listen, and to assess, and then to react. It’s beautiful stuff. If Fresh Meat is the best new British comedy of 2011, Rev is surely the best returning British comedy.

I shall be reviewing The Killing II next week.


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