You’ve got the love

This is my 25th Telly Addict TV review for the Guardian, and a reasonable juncture, I think, to thank my two regular producers, the unseen Matt Hall and Andy Gallagher, who produce, direct, shoot and – most importantly – edit it every week. If it’s in any way slick, elegant or professional, especially in its use of the clips, it’s down to them. I just talk into their camera. This week, in an effort to deliver quantity first, I manage to talk into their camera about five programmes, without tipping over the optimum eight-and-a-bit minute mark: the end of Spooks, BBC1; the end of Celebrity Masterchef, BBC1; the return of Young Apprentice, BBC1; the start of Jamie’s Great Britain, C4 and the return of The Walking Dead, FX. It’s been tremendous fun doing this every week for half a year, and the lady at Guardian reception actually knows my name now, so long may it continue. It’s the only way I’m getting into the building. The link is here.


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