A lotta meatballs

It’s been a looooooong time coming, and it was originally logged in the wrong category, and for some reason it’s UK only, and the picture used to illustrate it is all out of perspective and makes me look like a ventriloquist’s dummy … but it’s nice to be back in podcast form, with Josie, and tucked inside the 6 Music portfolio. You may now subscribe via iTunes and listen to 50 minutes of the non-music bits from Saturday’s show on the very first Andrew Collins and Josie Long podcast. I guess in some ways it’s a luxury to have done five Saturday morning shows that weren’t made into podcasts; in any case, here we are, bedded in, getting used to each other, mucking about, starting with one thought and ending up on an entirely different one, and reliant, as ever, on your contributions in terms of jingles, texts, emails and Twitter contributions. It’s a fun show to do. Josie’s enthusiasm is quite extraordinary, and it’s hard to imagine anyone so grateful and delighted to be on the radio. It’s her show, really, and I’m happy to help. This week, with your assistance, we invented a band, Dublin Robot, who now have a detailed backstory, again thanks to your archaeological input, and whose first record we intend to play next Saturday.

As if often the way with new podcasts, thanks to the unique (ie. arcane) way in which iTunes calculates their “popularity”, we rose like a bubble to the top of the charts yesterday. Here is the evidence, which is important, as we’ve dropped out of the Top 10 already, as the world grows bored of something so old. But it was nice to be there for a bit.

We actually got as high as number 4 after I’d taken this grab. And we were number one in the Music podcasts, which is a bit mad, as it isn’t one. Now it’s been re-categorised as a Comedy podcast but isn’t in the Comedy podcast charts. Ah well. By the way, sorry it’s UK only; I suspect that’s to do with the licensing of the snatches of music that still find their way into the podcast via beds and intros/outros. It certainly seems to be the case with other podcasts from 6 Music. Hey, subscribe, artificially push us momentarily back up the charts for no discernible reason!

Or just tune in on Saturdays, 10am-1pm, for as long as it lasts. You never can tell.

In other podcast news, thanks to Graham Tugwell, we have two more Collins & Herring Pretend Podcasts from the 6 Music archives in the tank, ie. I’ve sent the files and blurbs over to the British Comedy Guide for processing. So listen out for those. These are the final Tugwell Tapes, Pts 5 and 6, and feature two “deps” Richard and I did in 2009. Check the BCG for updates. Maybe the next one will be a real one?


6 thoughts on “A lotta meatballs

  1. Being rooted in Mexico until next summer means that I’m never up early enough to hear your and Josie’s show. So, I was suitable excited to find your podcast up on iTunes.

    That excitement was then overcome with disappointment as I received the BBC man telling me I had to go back home in order to listen to it. Oh well, I still subscribed anyway. Hopefully that gives you and Josie the extra fan push you deserve.


  2. Great news re the Tugwell Tapes – do you think Yourself and Richard will restart Collings and Herrin again, it’s been too long, we need your satirical wordplay in the Collings and Herrin manner!! Big hand thorny head, mini socks, ginger beer……aggggh the withdrawl symptoms. You’ll be pleased to know that I emitted a huge laugh listening back and came across your market trader impression “2 Pound loving cup”!!!! It really wound up Herrin! Classic podcasting!

    Best Wishes

  3. RH did say – without prompting – in an unbelievably long 4 Extra interview at Edinburgh that he would “probably” be doing some more C&H podcasts.

  4. When the initial tiff happened with C&H I understood both sides, but kinda did think Rich was overreacting . . . but now Richard “Let me on the telly” Herring is doing Banter on the telly without Andrew . . . admittedly I don’t think Andrew would have been anywhere near in contention with hosting the show as he did on radio . . . but how is this any different to the 6music issue? . . . those on high want “x” . . . get on with it . . . not wanting to stir anything up, just let bygones be bygones . . .

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