Gardening leave

I know it looks like I’ve been on holiday but I haven’t. (Where would I find the time to do a thing like that?) If the healthy colouring is about anything, it’s gardening. So, here’s the latest Guardian Telly Addict column, which puts Sky Altantic’s The Borgias [hence the warning about “scenes of a sexual nature” – only one, and it’s not that sexual], BBC4’s Great Thinkers and C4’s Seven Dwarves under the critical hammer. Have a little look here.

Interestingly, in more “Please let me be on the telly” news, having recorded a review of three TV programmes in the morning, I went on to BBC News yesterday afternoon to perch on the stool and review three films, as Mark Kermode is on holiday, getting a tan in Sicily. So, for reviews of Cowboys & Aliens, The Inbetweeners Movie and The Guard, click here.


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