You’re tired!

No, I’m tired, having done two weeks on 6 Music Breakfast, plus my usual Zoe Ball breakfast slot on Saturdays, and then a Saturday morning show on 6 Music, while co-writing and script editing a new sitcom for Sky1, and fulfilling my Radio Times duties, which this week included transcribing and writing my JJ Abrams interview, and having a meeting at C4 about another sitcom pilot I’m working on. But still, with my eyelids propped open, I watch three whole television programmes so that you don’t have to and sit in a studio at the Guardian and say words about them to a camera. I love it, of course, and have no right to complain as having no work would be much worse (because, as a self-employed person, no work means no food), and the rewards are not exclusively financial: the reward for doing Telly Addict for the Guardian is the appearance, overnight, every Friday, of the little box with my tired old face in it, skilfully edited into the clips, like this one, which is, amazingly, my twelfth. In it, I review The Apprentice: The Final on BBC1, Show Me The Funny on ITV1, and The Hour on BBC2. Do not click on the … oh, you already have. What more can I do?


5 thoughts on “You’re tired!

  1. Think of the little man….
    I could review TV with my eyes closed…ooh hang on. I’m looking to get into comedy writing if you can dish out any tips on where to point my shoes. Its also a relief to finally find a reveered comedy writer such as yourself among a plethora of humour blogs minus the humour here on WordPress. If you need a voluntary hand with any TV analysis feel free to ask, as long as its not Countryfile (No wonder the highest suicide rate in any profession is farmers).

  2. If you put the photo underneath the text, and put the link somewhere near the start – or even separately above the text…

    • I care. It’s a blind spot with me. Even when I said it, on camera, I couldn’t work out if it was right or wrong.

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