Do not click on this picture

You will. But don’t. I know this is my weekly notification that the new Guardian Telly Addict review is up, but I simply cannot embed it into my WordPress blog. (I know many of you understandably click on the picture every week, because I am monitoring you all 24 hours a day and know where you live, but you have been forewarned this week.) I’m reviewing the US version of The Killing on C4, The Night Watch on BBC2 and The Good Cook on BBC1, which is a new TV chef ruined by technological showing-off.

I hope you approve. The actual link is here.

(Apologies for heightened faff levels of comment moderation, but I’m getting a lot of grief at the moment.)


2 thoughts on “Do not click on this picture

  1. Andrew,

    Please can you at least make the picture a link to (like how the Collings & Herrin picture in the sidebar is a link to That is definitely possible.

    (At the risk of being a broken record, I have pointed out here before . Have you tried it? Unlike the conventional embedding method, it does work with – please trust me.)

    Perhaps I should say something about the videos now. Needless to say, they are good.

  2. So, 162 people have clicked on the picture below the headline DO NOT CLICK ON THIS PICTURE. That’s over a sixth of all the people who have clicked on the blog entry. This must surely tell us something profound about the human condition.

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