Watch the skies

OK, what would be called Telly Addict 10, if we were numbering them, which we’re not, is up. (I kind of like waking up to it every Saturday, as it goes up around midnight which  is past my bedtime. If you’re interested, I usually watch it in the back of the BBC car that takes me in to be on Zoe Ball’s programme on Radio 2 at 6.20am. With my headphones in, of course.) Under the hammer this week are FX’s new sci-fi caper Falling Skies, BBC2’s Secrets Of The Pop Song, and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, now showing on Sky Atlantic, or, as it’s known to most people, a future DVD box set. Sorry about the lack of shirt. I’ve been trying to keep my sartorial end up with a collar, but this week I stupidly went for a smart cardigan and t-shirt combination, and it was too hot in the studio to keep the cardigan on. Won’t happen again.


6 thoughts on “Watch the skies

  1. The problem with “Nurse Jackie” on BBC 2 was that it just wasn’t promoted, especially Series/Season 2. It appeared from nowhere and many people missed the first episode.

    Now we have an ad break but that’s a small price to pay for a regular slot and a bit of respect for a great show.

  2. Rufus certainly doesn’t seem to suffer with self esteem problems (which of course means he probably does – and there are plenty of other reasons to think he might). But unusually I kind of like his inability to hide his ambition and self-belief. Maybe that’s just because I think he’s very good indeed; though I can certainly understand people disagreeing with that. Anyway, I’m not sure it needed pointing out that he thinks highly of himself. The clip used to illustrate the point showed him jokingly playing up to that aspect of his character. You might as well show a clip of Johnny Vegas and say, “I bet he likes the odd pint.”

  3. I like Nurse Jackie – but as Marketing Director for FX I couldn’t help but smile that it only got 50k viewers live….
    A very funny Falling Skies review Andrew. The telescope deserves more than one star though. I’ve been using mine to spy on the neighbours.
    As an aside Falling Skies got the biggest ever live rating in FX history (469,000 viewers) and with PVR is already up to 750,000 from just that one showing. Yes – some of the dialogue can be a bit hammy but it really does get better. And its done well enough in the states to already get a second series.

  4. Off topic, but isn’t there going to be a podcast of the 6 Music show with Josie Long? I’ve searched around, but can’t find one. I will listen to the show on the iPlayer if I absolutely have to (though I’ve left it a bit late for the first show now), but I don’t listen to the shows for the music, so end up having to skip through the songs.

    • There are no plans to do a podcast of the show. It’s something to do with it being a short run of five shows. iPlayer it is.

      • Okay, thanks, I think I’ll record the full show from the iPlayer while I’m off doing something else, then listen to it afterward then. Skipping while streaming is a bit fiddly, and I’ll also then have the option to make my own podcast of the show too. Thanks for the reply.

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