6 thoughts on “Week eight

  1. Hurrah! Great stuff. Not quite the same as your much-missed weekly Apprentice blogs, but delighted as always to see the Guardian has you watching and rating the show again 🙂

  2. Did I mention that you are fucking brilliant ??

    This in itself would not be too amazing, but the fact that you appear to be able to manage this without being an arrogant, smug, patronising and condescending shit [well, okay, apart from when you occasionally refer to ‘dinner parties’ and pretend to be at the cutting edge of modern culture, which I’m assuming is ‘post-modern irony’] is something of a miracle…

    And I hear they occasionally let you loose on the wireless, although it appears they treat you like a ‘condiment’ rather than a main ingredient.

      • OMG.. It is just as well I’m a bloke or I might be forced to seduce you into a meaningless sexual relationship just so I could trap you into marriage by getting up the duff so we could ride off into the sunset together…

        On a lighter note, I am a bit disappointed that ‘Sirens’ isn’t a programme featuring Rebecca Front in a UK remake of a ‘Cougar Town’ like transatlantic transplant. But you can’t have everything you want..

  3. Actually, I think not being invited to dinner parties marks you out as being one of life’s good guys; as opposed to people who ski, and people who insist you remove your shoes before entering their home.
    In my experience these people are, more often than not, despicable human beings.

    Sorry this isn’t about your Guardian vid….I’m just having a little vent.

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