TV eye

Made it. My seventh Telly Addict column for the Guardian website this week actually carries a warning about “scenes of a sexual nature.” In it, I’m reviewing the sexy Camelot on C4, plus the positively unsexy Kill It, Cut It, Use It on BBC3 and the return of Luther on BBC1. The link is here. What you hopefully won’t be disturbed by, due to clever lighting and chair-positioning by producer Andy, is my partially bloodshot right eye, which I woke up with on Tuesday, possibly due to Breakfast shifts, stress and overwork, and a passing cold. It looks horrible in real life, but seems to be pretty much concealed on the tiny telly in your computer screen. Phew. You were warned. Still, the new shirt looks nice!


8 thoughts on “TV eye

  1. “Tonight I’m looking at the cow.”
    I don’t know why that made me laugh so much.
    Did you really not get history O-level or was that for comic effect? You would appear to be ideally suited to the subject.

    • I got a “U” grade for History O-level. I really didn’t connect with the subject at school. I have educated myself in adult life, through books. I love it now

  2. Just saw who’s filling in for Adam and Joe when they take their next sabbatical . . . ouch . . . I like Josie, but can see why Richard is peeved . . .

    • In the media, one of the most commonly heard, and dreaded, phrase you’ll hear is, “We feel it’s time to try something new … “

  3. I liked the lady’s bottom in the Camelot clip. Still haven’t tried the programme out though.

    Episode one of series two was my first Luther and I was quite surprised that I loved it. Not too keen on your throwing around the ‘existential’ word with abandon though, I ought to add. I’ve told you about that before, you bad man.

  4. Andrew,

    Thanks for these Telly Reviews, they are really superb, well written and I don’t mean to be rude but you do look slightly uncomfortable (at least to me) doing these, which just adds to the ‘ambience’.

    Keep up the great work.



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