Please let me be about the telly

Saturday mornings are now taking shape along these lines – and as anyone self-employed will tell you, it’s sometimes nice to have shape forced upon an amorphous working week – alarm at 5.50am, BBC car at 6.20am, arrive at Radio 2 approx 6.50am, make cup of horrible machine coffee for me and cup of horrible machine tea for the delightful Zoe Ball, who has been broadcasting since 6am, enter studio, provide fizzy, lighthearted review of the week’s smaller news stories in two chunks between 7am and 7.30am and give Zoe someone to bounce off. Empty pigeonhole at 6 Music (which is one floor below Radio 2), leave BBC at 7.35am and go home, via public transport, in time for breakfast. On train home, post blog entry about Guardian TV Review Thing, which is written and clip-harvested on a Thursday, filmed on a Friday, and posted on the Guardian website at midnight, ready for viewing on Saturday morning.

So here I am. This week, Telly Addict (I’m so pleased we called it that) covers Britain’s Got Talent (ITV1), Horrible Histories (CBBC) and Four Rooms (C4), and I am wearing a green, stripy top. I hope you like it. I’m having breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Please let me be about the telly

  1. Horrible Histories, like Phineas and Ferb, Angry Beavers and Shaun the Sheep, is as much for adults as kids. Give me these over reality TV and “talent” shows any day of the week.

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