Party trick

Telly Addict number four is up. This week, on what they’re all calling the Guardian TV Thing, I review MTV’s Geordie Shore – Hooray! More “structured reality”! – BBC2’s All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, ITV1’s Prince Philip at 90, and a quick recap of who lost the TV Baftas. I still can’t embed it, but you can watch it here.


9 thoughts on “Party trick

  1. Andrew, that was hilarious…really great writing.

    I can almost hear RH shouting ‘Hey get with it Grandad!’ 🙂 about your Geordie Shore review.

    And did you really say the word ‘penis’ in that funny way that Miranda Hart’s ‘Mother’ (from the TV show) does where you slightly lower the volume and not quite say the first sylable so that you don’t quite say that word properly – around 2mins 56secs.


  2. Andrew, can you choose the frame that the video uses as its, sort of , start picture (if you get my meaning)? This one’s quite frightening as it looks as if you’re really angry and are about to rant at me. Thanks.

    • There is no “start picture.” This is a random grab I took of the video to use as an illustration for the blog entry. I put the blog entry up on a Saturday morning, which is a tradtional day off, and I don’t really have time to spend ages creating the perfect grab. Sorry about that.

  3. So what’s the difference between “structured reality” and everything else on TV? Or just everything else, come to that?
    Still enjoying MBS BTW. Although today’s episode was probably the bleakest, I think I enjoyed it the most. Maybe it just suited my mood. (See paragraph 1.)

  4. Great to see you are finally getting the gigs you deserve. As my opinions on TV seem to mirror your views almost exactly, I shall be tuning each week for confirmation of my liberal guardinista/sneering world view. Only one complaint: why only 6 minutes? Are the Guardian afraid that RH may get involved if they give you longer?

    • Thanks, Phil. I suspect six minutes is the focus-grouped optimum time that people with busy lives will stare at a small screen and listen to a man talking.

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