My face, your computer

It can be revealed. For the last month, I have been piloting with the Guardian – a newspaper I have “taken”, near-exclusively, for the entirety of my adult, newspaper-reading life, but have pretty much continually failed to get a job with – a brand new TV review column. Except not a column in the newspaper. Get with it, Granddad. This will be a column that you actually watch, with your eyes, and listen to, with your ears. It is called Telly Addict. Naturally, at this early stage, I appear to be unable to embed it, so you’ll have to use this link for now.

The idea is, every Friday (or Saturday morning, as they will load it up at midnight), you will get a new one, right there on your screen, and my little face will move its mouth about and words of wit and wisdom will come out of it. And the words will be about three or four programmes that have been on the telly, and which I have watched, on the telly. Our aim is for me to talk about those programmes which have been on, and which you might have seen, rather than watch advance tapes or DVDs from the needy broadcasters. I already watch a lot of telly, so this should not present a problem.

These are some grabs from one of the three, yes three, full pilots we have already made in the run-up to today’s actual launch. (They are produced in the Guardian‘s actual TV studios, and are made by Matt and Andy.) You must pilot, so that you can make mistakes away from the public gaze, and we fiddled with the chair, and the angle, and the crop, and the zoom, and we seem to be satisfied with the one that is displayed in the embedded film above. I hope you are too.

Having been stung by the vitriolic mania of the Guardian comments sections before, I fear what may be left there by crotchety human beings, so I might just stay here, and take your considered comments onboard instead. It’s just a man talking about telly. You are encouraged to disagree, but don’t – as the visitors to the Guardian website will – leave cruel comments about my face. I can’t really do much about my face.


25 thoughts on “My face, your computer

  1. I really enjoyed watching that with my morning cup of tea! Will it be available as some sort of podcast or do we just have to watch out for it on Twitter on Saturday Mornings?

    • Not as a podcast, but I think you can watch it on a phone, if you have a clever phone. (I don’t, so cannot verify.)

  2. Very enjoyable. And yes Broadbent’s earlobes are disturbing. Do you think he’s gone the extra mile to get into character?

  3. A long-term fan of your work, so I’m possibly slightly biased, but trying to view it objectively I still can’t shake the opinion that it was very, very good indeed.

  4. Good stuff, reminded me of C&M’s Movie Club.

    It also doesn’t appear to have a comments section, so that’s a plus.

      • Some positives about having a comments section is we can ask directly for a podcast version. Plus the good natured fellows directed from here might leaven the crazies!

  5. Andrew, you’re far too harsh on your face dude. It’s a healthy face.

    Tv on advanced DVDs means no ad breaks, right? That is a bonus.

  6. You’re like the non-football James Richardson! 😉 Cool stuff. Hope it proves popular.

    Although do hope you avoid comments section. They usually get very trolly, very fast. Life’s too short!

  7. Hi Andrew

    First things first, congratulations on landing the job.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. The tone of it is great. I’ll certainly be trying to get my clever phone to show me this every Saturday. How odd to see Wilco when he’s not strutting backwards and forwards, machine-gunning with his electric guitar!

    All the best

    Doug (@hairlessheart)

  8. Good stuff. We’ll have to wait for those weekly web-cast review shows to see what the critics thought of it.

  9. There’s a lot of good telly at the moment isn’t there?

    EXILE was filmed where I work.

    A couple of weeks later they filmed Jim McDonald doing a bank raid, so he did, I could watch it through the window. Its years since I have seen Corrie and assumed that he was still in a wheelchair. I spent the day trying to work out how he was going to raid a bank when his only advantage was being able to park his get-a-way car using a Blue Badge.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you revive your APPRENTICE critiques … in the flesh (so to speak)!

  10. I have just read your name for the first time in a book I’m reading and when I click on your website (which is recommended in my book): tadaa – a cool new video blog. I’m very much looking forward to the next episode, and I don’t think anybody should give you a hard time you about your face. It’s a nice face.

  11. please put me on the tele,I just want to be on the tele.

    good stuff andrew,loved it. right about those ears he’d have been good in V.

  12. I downloaded the first episode of Exile on iplayer thinking it was weekly and now they’ve taken down all the episodes! Any idea when it will be aired again?

    • This is the downside of showing three-part dramas over three consecutive nights. I actually wish the BBC would stop doing it. The Shadow Line is on weekly. Ideal. (And gives iPlayer viewers a chance to catch up.)

  13. Hi Andrew,

    I like the new Guardian series. The Shadow Line is excellent (judging by the first episode) and Exile was good, but that last episode disappointed me a bit (I’d invested all that time and I didn’t think the pay off was really good enough).

    On Jim Broadbent’s earlobes: I remember seeing this on QI or something – something about Hitler, antisemitism and Stalin’s earlobes. The following is taken from a book called Warlords (you can find it on the internet):

    In the Kremlin, Stalin proposed a cynical toast to Ribbentrop and the pact with the Nazis: “I know how much the German nation loves its Führer; I should therefore like to drink his health.”But like Hitler, Stalin was also acting from fear, in his case that Hitler would attack him. That evening he told his inner circle: “Of course it’s all a game to see who can fool whom. He thinks he’s outsmarted me but actually it’s I who’ve tricked him.” There was a curious postscript to the celebrations. Hitler had sent his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffman, to film Stalin’s earlobes to see whether they were “ingrown and Jewish, or separate and Aryan.” They were separate; Stalin passed Hitler’s test.

  14. Hustle is GREAT!

    It’s proper escape TV. It being so shiney, shiney is half of it’s charm … oh that and the fact Napoleon Solo is in it!

    How can you not like it? 😦

  15. what do you think of rafe spall’s performance in the shadow line? i’ve just read two opposing views of it in that annoying ‘you say’ part of the times tv guide. i have to say i think it’s one of the most incredible tv performances i’ve seen in a while.

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