Day Five Pt2

That’s me done then. I’m on my way home on the train after the last of my five consecutive Steve Lamacq shows, looking shifty again, as I don’t want anyone to see over my shoulder. I am tired. I am, as previously stated, hot in my layers. Day Five will, I predict, wind down with some telly and me nodding off. I plan to eat something made of eggs. I love eggs. Unusually, I have four fresh eggs in my bag, unless they have all been smashed by me putting the laptop on my bag. These come from Rachel, who works at 6 Music. Actually, not from Rachel, but from her bantam chickens. She had heard that I like eggs and very sweetly offered me some – her hens lay up to 14 a week and she can’t keep up with them. I definitely eat 14 eggs a week, on my own! They are small, but imagine how lovely they will taste!

That’s it, then. One more working half-day tomorrow, and I will no longer be blogging like this. Thanks for reading. It’s been good. Next week: all sorts, including a day of calculating my VAT for the last quarter, more Radio Times, more reading of books about the 20th century, the last 7 Day Sunday of this series (everything’s ending!), and I hope a couple of trips to the cinema and one to the Royal Academy to catch the modern British sculpture exhibition before it ends. Also, a secret thing to do with the Guardian.

The man across the aisle from me on the train is ordering Nando’s. You can tell he’s embarrassed at having to do it with the entire carriage listening to him. He’s having extra hot sauce. Richard Herring would be impressed. He’s welcome to it. I’m having eggs out of a bantam hen.



9 thoughts on “Day Five Pt2

  1. Thanks for the regular updates. It’s been interesting to read just how busy your day is. And how varied.

    You should keep the blog up. You’ll soon catch Richard up.

  2. Is your weekly egg consumption a little on the high side as they’re choc-a-bloc full of cholesterol? At one time the suggestion was no more than 3 a week but recently, I believe, it was amended – 1 a day is OK.

    • I reas that the kind of cholesterol they contain is the good kind that doesn’t coat your pipes, and that people were fine to eat however many they like. Of course, nutritional advice changes all the time.

  3. You were worried the latest podcast would be boring, what with all the talk about American TV shows. I found it very interesting. More so than the later ‘anus talk’. I am more interested in American comedy than anuses. I kept wanting to chime in and say, ‘actually…’.

    For instance, Jay Leno is famous for being a workaholic and not having guest hosts. Only once or twice has that happened, in contrast to Johnny Carson, for whom Garry Shandling did guest host several times. It was said that Garry Shandling could have had a talk show of his own, but (thankfully) went a different direction. Jon Stewart has never guest hosted but did have a short lived talk show of his own on MTV.

    Dana Carvey was on Letterman the other night, looking well, being funny (doing an excellent Johnny Carson impression, showing how it can be tweaked to be a Charlie Sheen impression), and promoting some stand-up shows.

    Also, Judd Apatow was very into comedy as a kid and recorded interviews with comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and, years before he went to work for him, Garry Shandling. They’re pretty good interviews considering he was only 16. Marc Maron played parts of them on his podcast.

    PS. If in a future podcast you have a choice about discussing television comedy or anuses again, I would prefer less anus talk.

    Thank you.

    • I found my reaction to the anus talk quite amusing in that it disgusted me, and I thought- “all the sick jokes Richard has told in the past, the gerontophilia and babies as excrement and so on- and this is what really upset me?” I am a hypocrite. I’m not going to write in and complain or anything, though.

  4. On the subject of 7 Day Sunday, do you know if Chris Addison will be returning next season, assuming there is a next season, of course? Anti-social animal that I am, I haven’t joined Twitter, so can’t ask him directly, though I did check his feed immediately before and after his departure to see if he’d mentioned anything, but couldn’t find any info. As an insider I figure you’re my best bet of finding out. I am enjoying Al Murray’s stint, and will continue listening whatever, but in all honesty I much prefer it with Chris moderating.

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