Day Three Pt2

So, back end of Day Three and another 6 Music show ticked off. Really getting my feet under the desk of someone else’s show now. It always happens when you get a week: the rhythm, the routine, the reclaimed relationship with the rest of the team, which is two other people but always seems to change slightly since the last time you did the show as the BBC do like to move staff around, almost imperceptibly. Anyway, I reached halfway at 5.30pm. Sad and happy at the same time. Sad to be in the home strait, but happy to be in the home strait, if you see what I mean. (I am working flat out to fit in my other work, so will enjoy the time I get back next week, but broadcasting on 6 Music is my favourite thing, really.)

In my hands above you will see one of my Seven Inches Of Love, a regular feature of my own which, as “Super Sub” (I think that’s official), I sort of apply each time I get a week or more to fill. It’s an excuse to bring in a vintage seven-inch vinyl single from my flight case at home and play it on the radio. This is more than I can do with it at home, as I don’t have a record player. So, indulgent, but fun, and tonight’s was Tom Baker, b-side of Boys & Girls by The Human League, from 1981. A gatefold seven-inch sleeve with a fabulous cover. It sounded great on the radio, all moody and electronic and foreboding. I remember my friend Dave buying it for me, because he was buying a copy for himself and he asked me if I’d like him to buy me my copy (physically buy, not pay for). So he handed it over one evening, at Film Club, in fact, and I remember it being in a plain brown paper bag. He’d traced the cover image in pencil onto the bag – a detail I forgot to mention on air.

Anyway, here, for the record, are my excellent team this week: Alannah and Paul. She revealed today that someone told her she looked like the little boy who appears on the quiz show in the film Magnolia (from whose soundtrack we played Wise Up by Aimee Mann). This made me smile. She sort of does. But it’s not an insulting comparison for someone to have made, I don’t think.

So, an action shot from the 6 Music studio to end this entry. I left my blue scarf either in the studio or on the back of the chair in the office where Nemone puts her coat. Hope it’s still there tomorrow. I have become attached to it.

Watched another Law & Order UK and an episode of Battlestar Galactica back at home: Colonial Day from Season One. (We’re working our way through the box set again. It’s an annual ritual now.) Nice to see Starbuck all scrubbed up, although we all prefer her in her work clothes, right? Oh, and Law & Order UK was good, and had a meaty part for Ruth from Spooks, but was spoiled by something that obviously didn’t translate from the original American script about the death penalty. They should have just dropped it, but instead squeezed it to make it fit by cooking up a totally erroneous thread about a referendum on capital punishment, which nobody in this country wants. Clang!


8 thoughts on “Day Three Pt2

  1. Enjoying style of your 5 day work blog, reminds me of that C&H podcast where Richard went to pay for some petrol and you just chatted on for a bit, or where you and Rich were discussing how to solve your cryptic crosswords (I would have liked that to be a regular feature, or have it’s own podcast). However….what a missed opportunity for a sleeveface moment!

  2. I backed up a full season of BSG on the Sky Box. Settled in to watch ep1. First scene on the screen? Previously on Battlestar Galactica.!?
    Apparantly Sky Atlantic didn’t show the miniseries?!
    So, quick pause, bought the miniseries DVD. Started last night.


  3. When I got in last night I caught the tail end of your show (we always leave 6music on all day for the cat. It seems to keep her calm. Big shout out to Ingrid!).

    Anyway, you were playing ABC’s That Was Then This Is Now which I’m convinced I’ve not heard on the radio since 1983. Good work!

  4. Really been enjoying your posts this week. I love it when you pop up on 6 Music with the Zulu theme, hope that long continues!

  5. What *is* the correct order in which to watch BSG? Anyone prepared to offer a beginner’s guide? I’m thoroughly confused, but would really like to view the whole thing in the right order!

    I watched what appeared to be the start of it all
    on Sky a while back – I believe this was the three-hour mini-series. Does that sound right? Any help gratefully received…

    • Sky Atlantic promised they were showing Battlestar “FROM THE BEGINNING”, as they are with the likes of ER, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos etc. A tantalising prospect. However, they only have rights to Seasons 1-4 and not to the three-hour pilot miniseries, which sets the entire story up. (I informed them of this oversight, and they promised me that they had taken the “FROM THE BEGINNING” tag from BSG trails.) So, Louise, if you’ve seen the miniseries, you’re good to go.

      The key thing to know is that Razor, a stand-alone TV movie, should be watched between Seasons Three and Four, as it’s considered to be the first two episodes of Season Four (although chronologically it takes place in Season Two). The Plan, another TV movie, should be watched after Season Four, as it gathers together material from all four seasons, as seen from a different perspective.

      Hope that helps.

      Oh, and Caprica, which ran for one season, is a prequel to Battlestar.

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